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Top 10 WordPress Cache Plugins to Speed Up Blog

Site Speed is very important for the overall user experience of your blog readers and it is now much more important since search engines like Google are now taking site speed into consideration when ranking websites.

If you use the WordPress platform has your blogging platform, speeding up your site is much easier than you could think, and you can improve your site speed by caching your files with the help of various free cache plugins that are available.

WordPress caching works in a way that files and data’s are stored for future uses, the cache plugins will generate a static copy of your web pages and stores them on your server which it will now serve to users that try to access your blog instead of going to your server and database all the time to retrieve the requested page.

There are several WordPress cache plugins out there, but today we will talk about 10 of these cache plugins, you’ll find the most popular, highly recommended ones below.


#1.      WP Super Cache

WP Super cache is now my favorite WordPress caching plugin, WP Super cache will create static HTML pages from your dynamic blog pages; it then shows the generated HTML pages to most of your blog visitors. According to the developers, if your blog gets a large amount of traffic and you’re on an underpowered web server, the plugin will be of great help.

WP Super Cache can also cache certain WordPress plugins, which can also aid in improving your blog load time performance.


#2.      W3 Total Cache

W3 total Cache plugin is one of the most popular and vastly used plugins after WP Super cache. The operation of W3 Total cache is a bit similar to that of WP super cache, except with some more advanced features and tweaks.

According to the developer, W3 total cache will give At least 10x improvement in overall site performance (Grade A in YSlow or significant Google Page Speed improvements) when fully configured; I have personally experienced the effectiveness of this plugin and it is great.

W3 Total Cache has a lot of options in its admin panel, but if you are a beginners and it all seems confusing, just install and activate this plugin, its default settings will work well for you.


#3.      Hyper Cache Extended

Hyper Cache Extended is also one of those caching plugins that I have used, as its name implies, it is an extended version of the popular Hyper cache WordPress plugin. It is specifically written for people who have their blogs on low resources hosting provider (CPU and mysql).

Hyper Cache Extended has lots of site improvement options such as 404-error-page caching, redirects caching and my favorite which is the mobile caching function.

The mobile caching support is great, I have tested this mobile caching function with one of my site and the load speed was awesome on my mobile phone.


#4.      Quick Cache

quick cache

Quick Cache is a WordPress caching plugin that is quick to install and use as it name implies. Quick Cache takes a real-time snapshot (building a cache) of every Page, Post, Category, Link, etc. These snapshots are then stored ( cached ) intuitively, so they can be referenced later, in order to save all of that processing time that has been dragging your site down and costing you money.

Quick Cache has an impressive list of useful options, including the ability to disable caching for logged-in users and users who have just posted a comment so they can see new comments right away, which is helpful if your site is very active.


#5.      DB Cache Reloaded Fix

DB cache Reloaded Fix is a modded version of DB Cache Reloaded, this modded version address bugs found in the previous version and it is patched for compatibility with WordPress 3.4+.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix caches the MySQL queries performed on your database to optimize the site’s speed. According to the author, with DB Cache Reloaded your site will work much faster and will use less disk space for cached files. Your visitors will always get actual information in sidebars and server CPU loads will be as low as possible.


#6.      WP Green Cache

WP green cache plugin

WP Green cache plugin is another caching plugin for WordPress. According to the author, it’s highly minimized (%95) the usage of server’s resources and provides very fast blog pages.

To explain some technical; WP infrastructure has tens of thousands of lines PHP codes which executing on every request. To generate requested page WordPress executes the all of PHP codes. At this stage, WP Green Cache redirects the requests to own cache system and answers the request fastest as much as possible because the cached pages are not generated again.


#7.      Generate Cache

generate cache plugin

Generate Cache plugin is a caching plugin that will make sure your entire website is fully cached at all times and can be used when performing website maintenance/construction.

Generate Cache plugin keeps track of your cache directory and if its size drops below the value you specify; new cache for your entire blog will be automatically regenerated. You can choose which blog items should be taken into account: posts, categories, tags, pages and the home page.


#8.      Lite Cache

Lite Cache plugin is said to be the smallest cache plugin ever released (but still greatly efficient). Lite Cache is compatible with gzip compression and handles it automatically.

Lite Cache works even with commentators, people who left a comment in the past. Other caching plug-in usually are not able to serve cached content to commentators. This is of great importance for blogs with many returning commentators.

Lite Cache can detect mobile devices, create a separate cache for them and can force a secondary template for mobile devices.


#9.      WP Widget Cache

WP widget cache

WP Widget Cache will Cache the output of your blog widgets; usually it will significantly reduce the SQL queries to your database and speed up your site. According to the Author, WP Widget Cache is not to replace the WP Super Cache; it’s a plus for them, as it reducing the cost for caching a new page. You can set the cache time for each widget individually, seconds to years, whatever you like. For Categories widget, days maybe fine, for Recent Comments widget, seconds maybe fine.


#10.   FV Gravatar Cache

fv gravatar cache plugin

FV Gravatar Cache plugin will Speeds up your website by making sure the gravatars are stored on your website and not loading from the gravatar server.

Gravatars are the images that shows next to your blog commenter’s comments, this plugin will maintaining a single copy of the default gravatar instead of downloading it again and again for all the email addresses with no gravatar associated.

This plugin will be very useful for bloggers that have pages with lots of comments; it will help to improve such pages load speed.


Ooooppsss, here we are. We have been able to go through 10 caching plugins for WordPress blogs. To me, there is no perfect cache plugin out there, choosing one boils down to preference and what you want for your blog.

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